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I contacted support, went it the store. Push the sim tray back in until it clicks into place and is flush with the side of the device.

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If you're changing to an at&t carrier and your phone supports 5g, getting a 5g sim card is normally recommended.

At&t 5g sim card iphone. My iphone 12 pro max shipped directly from at&t came preinstalled with a blue / white sim, sku 6817b. Yes, at&t has 5g sim cards. Some sales person in the store told me i needed to change my service plan if i wanted to upgrade from my iphone x to an iphone 12.

You get this convenience on one device because it has two separate sims: Want help inserting your sim card? If you want to use 5g with dual sim on iphone 12 models, make sure that you have ios 14.5 or later.

The only difference is one is a physical card. A plastic card inserted into your phone. At&t prepaid sm follow these steps before you turn off your device.

Follow the prompts to complete your activation. Now months later still don't have 5g. Went to a corporate store and they gave me the 5g sim (sku 6818b) and now all 5g options appear and work perfectly.

The bottom line is that right now you probably won’t need a new sim card. Since i will buy new iphone from apple, i can get an unlocked version or an at&t version. Our plan for cellular on 5 devices with unlimited data w/tax = $132.00 a month.

Service transferred over to it immediately. But the upshot of it all is that even if you have a 5g service plan, a sim that was in another device may not be entirely happy in your iphone 13. With 5g, i got 3700 mbps when testing next to the cell tower.

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• ⁠went to att store next day and requested to have my service transferred to an esim. At&t’s website doesn’t mention 5g sim cards at all, only telling customers they will need a 5g plan to use 5g service. There is a 5g sim card from at&t so having the correct plan and sim card is the best option to use all the 5g bands, even standalone 5g (no lte/4g area).

From what i understand from the at&t store employee, 5g service requires a new sim card in an iphone 12. Buy the at&t universal sim simcard white online at at&t & choose free shipping, pickup in store, or same day delivery (where available). She tried to tell me i could only upgrade to an iphone 11.

Elite (2020)/iphone 12 pro max. The iphone xr doesn't have 5g. At&t said all i have to do is get unlocked phone and put current iphone5s sim card in it.

I am currently with at&t but considering a switch to mintmobile. You can choose to always stream the highest quality content by going to settings > music > cellular data and turning on high quality streaming and settings > tv > cellular and tapping high quality. Both phones are iphone 12 pro max.

I have a great plan now, and the new 5g plan they wanted to ‘upgrade’ me to would have cost an additional $40/month for a couple of phones, ipads and an aw6). They gave me a new sim card. Select activate your device for at&t wireless device.

At&t requires a new sim card or the esim activated to see 5g. They came with at&t sim cards that work with 5g, and we verified with at&t that the lines are enabled for 5g usage. The case is quite different from the likes of at&t network which states that a user’s previous sim card should definitely work fine in a 5g mobile phone except if the sim card is way too old.

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A digital sim activated through the network. Maybe you purchased the sim card seven years ago and it doesn’t have the usim features. Go to our device tutorials and choose the option for your device.

I never found the issue. I went back and they looked up my account, it still said i had the iphone xr. It appears that i will need an unlocked phone for mintmoble.

If after inserting the new sim card you cannot make a call or browse the web you’ll need to activate your new phone or sim card online. I told the at&t rep, at the store, that i did not intend to change my service plan to include 5g (my current plan is an old plan that is no longer offered and does not include 5g service). Otherwise they're still connecting the same hardware (phone) to the same provider and radio channels.

• ⁠on online att prepaid portal, i went to update device information > new sim card number > entered sim iccid number of physical 5g sim. My plan does not have 5g and to get 5g it would cost me about $720 more a year for 5g for just my phone alone, so for me. Get great deals at

I have been hearing at&t's 5g is slower than lte so i haven't pursued it any further. Remove the old sim card. If people used dual lines more, this would be a way bigger scandal or “fraud” than it is now, considering how much hype went into this 5g models.

There's a solution for this. Some dual sim devices are really dual sim, dual standby (dsds) devices. When we went last week, the at&t employee said something about the network needing to refresh a couple of times a week for the 5g option to show up on the phones.

I plan get new iphone (13). Does at&t have 5g sim cards? But support tells me due to my older unlimited plan, i'm not eligible for 5g.

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Gave it to me free of charge. No—if you use dual sim by activating the esim, you won’t get 5g on either of the lines! So speed is definitely not a concern with esim.

You already know you need to be on the correct plan to have 5g.

Att 5g 4g Triple Sim Card 3 In 1 Mini 2ff Micro 3ff Nano 4ff Gsm Att 607376826922 Ebay

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